Project Description

Farm Diploma

With daily children’s program

Happy parents – Happy children

Where is it common to experience nature more beautifully than on a farm.
Here you have time for the kids and also time for yourself

The children can participate in our farm diploma at many stations. Cows milking, cattle driving, joiner’s workshop, baking-baking, tractor driving – answer questions, everything is included in the price.

At each station there is a stamp in the cow farm diploma and finally there is a medal for everyone.

A stay includes a cow farm diploma. This “mini-Blitzkurs” to the farmer and the farmer gives the children deep insights into active organic agriculture. The little ones have a lot to do: while the kids complete the various stages of the farm diploma, the parents can devote themselves completely to the relaxation. The farm offers plenty of possibilities for this.

The children will have a lot of fun with the KUH-len diploma!

Cow riding on the farm

An experience of a special kind

Herbal treatments

Herbs in the herb garden with our trained herbalist

Answer questions

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the farm diploma

Every room/holiday apartment has its own nest…

Collecting fresh eggs in the morning is a great experience, not only for children.
Each room has its own nest.

Caruso, the cock, has hopefully made a good plan so that there is an egg in every nest!

Come into your own carpentry workshop and bread baking

Come to the carpentry workshop – we do great things! There is enough wood and nails – ALL KIDS ‘REASONS!

We construct a boat, a bird box, build a guitar or simply invent something. Everything is possible – our children’s workshop is well equipped. You can paint your work colorfully or even with colorful nails. Of course, everything can be taken home.

Drive a tractor

Tractor driving is also part of the program – alternating with the large and small tractor. There is no boredom for the children – you are eager to attend the program. The parents are naturally also invited to participate, but there is also the possibility now for the applications of massages or cosmetics.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Cows driving cows Milking and milk costs

Come to the milking time in the stable – everyone can watch the milking and then there is a tasting. On certain days, every one of them might milk the cows by hand, and then gladly taste the milk.

For a short vacation, not all stations can be made from cow farm diploma !!!!!!!!!!!